Hotel and Restaurants reservations
Mailing and package delivery
Internet service
From 8am to 5pm, 7 days a week 


Gas & Diesel Fuel

High pressure fresh water system with 100,000-gallon storage capacity and town water supply.



Can supply power direct to your slip via a number of options: Single phase (active, neutral, ground) 220v/100v – 30-amp and 50-amp electrical service at each wet Three phase (3 + ground) 380v – maximum 400 amps / single phase & x3 phase


Standard and large capacity coin machines

Laundry by the load service

Large fabric press

Dry cleaning available


Trained and Uniformed Private Security on all areas, at all times.


Full boat yard service and boat storage facility.

Special Rates

Delivery service

Order assistance

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Visitors will discover that the island offers much more than the typical attractions of sun, sand, and sea. However the beaches are spectacular, the weather is hot, and the Atlantic ocean is pristine.